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Jordans Chimney Cleaning Sweep Belfast, 5 Gipsy Street, BT7 3FW

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Pricing is generally anything from £20-40.


Pricing is determined by such things as :


- condition of the flue,

- age of the property and how well maintainted the flue has been kept over the years,

- the size of the property,

- ease/difficulty of the job,

- distance to travel,

- if roof work is required or not,

- weather conditions.







If a bird nest needs to be removed, this may be anything from £30–60, depending on how long the job takes. Normally most bird nests can be removed in 1–3 hours.


If a birdguard needs fitting, it is approx £10-15 for the birdguard plus £10-15 for fitting. If a chimney is cleaned at the same time (and it is advised to fit any type of guard or cowl on to the pot of a clean flue), then the price is reduced slightly.


If an anti-downdraught cowl is required then we can discuss which type as they range in price for differing issues and the fuel being fired.


Any further enquiries please telephone --- 07706761513

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