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By jprjordan, Nov 16 2014 09:53PM

Recently we had a customer who asked to have an anti-downdraught cowl fitted to their chimney to help with a poor draw they were having on their fire.

After a chat with the customer and during the chimney cleaning I discovered that the problem was helped when they opened their living room door. This was allowing air into the room and when that improves the draw then we can determine that the problem is internal and not due to a downdraught problem, therefore an anti-downdraught cowl makes absolutely no difference to the problem.

There was also an old air vent into the room which was now closed off, plus new front doors, causing further air-tightness. The problem worsened around the time of the new doors being fitted..

We have left the customer with suggested advice to open up the airvent into the room again, also maybe required an additional vent above the living room door.

I will contact them again in a few months to see how they got on, but open this for discussion, anyone else with similar type issue happen before ?

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